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Our Story

At the heart of the artistic district of Le Marais in Paris, nestled between the cobbled streets of Rue des Francs-Bourgeois and Rue Vieille du Temple, a revelation was born. As he strolled through the winding alleyways lined with boutiques and art galleries, Laurent Sainclair made a stop at the prestigious Galerie Perrotin. It was there, in front of an iconic canvas by the contemporary French artist JR, that inspiration struck. Amidst the vibrant hues and bold forms, he saw more than just a work of art; he saw a reflection of his own desire to surpass standards, to create something truly extraordinary.

And so, the vision of G&G was born - a vision shaped by the enchanted streets of Le Marais, yet destined to thrive amidst the frenetic energy of Manhattan. Guided by an inner fire, our visionary designer made the bold decision to pursue his dreams of grandeur across the Atlantic. In New York, where every street corner resonates with creativity and ambition, he found a fertile ground to nurture his boldest ideas.

The G&G Vision

At G&G, we believe in absolute authenticity. Each creation is the result of an intense and continuous exploration of the boundaries of artistic expression. Inspired by the most cutting-edge cultural movements, Sainclair, a pioneer and innovator, constantly strives to capture the essence of the moment while infusing his creations with a timeless touch of genius. We believe in the harmonious fusion of past and present, of avant-garde and tradition, to create pieces that transcend eras.

At G&G, we are convinced that true greatness lies in the ability to anticipate trends while preserving the timeless essence of each creation. Each piece is carefully crafted to embody the essence of modernity, elegance, and chic, while remaining true to a legacy of French sophistication and refinement. We are determined to create pieces that not only follow trends but also dictate them, transcending seasons to become style references for generations to come.

Our commitment to innovation, fashion, and high-quality craftsmanship is unwavering because we believe that each G&G piece should be a timeless work of art, worthy of being cherished for years to come. Whether at the heart of your wardrobe or at a dazzling soirée under the stars.

Thus, every stitch, every detail is imbued with a unique vision and an unwavering dedication to excellence, carrying with it the legacy of Le Marais in Paris and the vibrant energy of Fifth Avenue.

Our Ecological Commitment

In a world in search of sustainability, G&G stands as a leader in slow fashion. G&G has virtually no stock in advance as we reject the ephemeral in favor of the durable, opting for eco-responsible practices at every stage of our creation and delivery process. From the careful selection of materials to our commitment to fair working conditions, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint, leaving a lasting impression while being an inspiring icon in the world of fashion.

Our Vision of Fashion

At G&G, we believe that fashion is much more than just clothing; it is an artistic expression of personality to the world. Inspired by the great couture houses that have shaped the history of fashion with their unparalleled audacity, we embrace this same philosophy with passion and determination.

In every piece we create, we see a blank canvas ready to be transformed into a living work of art. We celebrate individuality in all its forms, encouraging our girls to embrace their own style with unwavering confidence. Whether through shimmering sequins, bold cuts, or captivating patterns, every G&G creation is designed to capture the very essence of the wearer.

Audacity and confidence are our secret weapon, and sophistication our signature. We draw inspiration from the dynamic streets of New York, where style is a universal language spoken with eloquence and conviction. Like the great fashion visionaries of the past, we are not afraid to push boundaries, challenge established standards, and create pieces that inspire and captivate.

At G&G, each collection is a statement of our commitment to defending originality and authenticity. We strive to create pieces that defy the ephemeral, becoming timeless icons of style and sophistication. For us, true greatness lies in the ability to create something remarkable, memorable, something that leaves an indelible mark on the history of fashion.

Discover G&G Excellence

Explore our dazzling collection of sequined garments, designed to enchant and captivate. Join us in our quest for distinction, where luxury meets creativity to create unforgettable moments in the world of fashion.

Welcome to G&G, where every sparkle tells a story.

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From Paris to New-York

Our commitment to excellence

In our never-ending drive for creativity, we delicately weave every thread, stitch, and glint of sequin into the fabric inspired by our story. G&G is more than just a clothing manufacturer. We create icons of refinement, masterpieces, and live testaments to our commitment to perfection. Our creations are the result of centuries of exquisite craftsmanship combined with a bold and avant-garde vision.

Every glittering dress, gorgeous top, and exquisite jackets embodies our passion to Haute Couture. Every detail is meticulously crafted, and every material is carefully chosen to provide you with unrivaled versatility and comfort. We push the boundaries of luxury, art, and fashion, breaking down barriers to create items that transcend passing trends and become timeless symbols of style and elegance.

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