Black and silver metallic tank top - Vignette | Glow&Glitz
Black and silver metallic tank top - Vignette | Glow&Glitz

Black and silver metallic tank top

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Step Into the Spotlight: Black and Silver Metallic Tank Top

 This intriguing tank marries the deep mystery of black with the bright sparkle of silver, creating a piece that's as adaptable as it is spectacular. Its metallic pieces reflect light with every movement, ensuring you sparkle from every perspective. The sleek, form-fitting style emphasizes your silhouette, making it a fantastic choice for both spectacular entrances and private events. Pair it with dark jeans for a casual appearance or a formal skirt for a night out—the possibilities are unlimited and always captivating.

Embrace the Mystique: Radiant Elegance Unleashed

Delve into the seduction of darkness and light with our Black and Silver Metallic Tank Top. This top is not just an addition to your wardrobe; it's a portal to a world of refined charm and understated luxury. The silver elements dance across the fabric, catching the light and the eyes of passersby, while the black ground gives a rich contrast that emphasizes the metallic shimmer. Perfect for people who want to express their style with bold, assertive pieces, this tank top is a celebration of modern elegance and everlasting appeal.

  • Color: Multicolor
  • Fabric: Non-stretchable
  • Fabric/Material: Metallic
  • Composition: 100% Metallic Fibers
  • Care Instructions: Do not wash

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Size US Length Chest size
XS 2 34.4 80
S 4 35 84
M 6 35.6 88
L 8/10 36.3 94


customer review champagne sequin top

OMGGG GIRLIESSSSSSS I'm absolutely obsessed with the top I just bought for my BFF's birthday 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 !

- Anna.

I was afraid to buy something online because I thought the real thing might not look like the pictures. But it looks just like the pictures 😊

- Caroline.

Absolutely amazed by the glittery goodness of my sequin top 🥰 The sequins on this dress are beautiful, and the quality is outstanding 🥰❤️

- Taylor.

I ordered a top and I couldn't have been more happy ! The fabric is so soft, and the sequins are beautifully put on 😄 !

- Jenny.

I'm blown away by how accurately the product matched the photos online

- Joyce.

Talk about sparkle perfection! The sequined jacket I ordered exceeded my hopes. The attention to detail is impressive, and the quality is excellent 😊❤️ !

- Mia.

This store truly knows the importance of customer satisfaction 😌 Not only did my glittery dress came sooner, but it also looked exactly like the pictures 😙💌

- Abigail.

I recently bought a sequined blouse, and it's absolutely gorgeous 😍 The craftsmanship is obvious, and the speedy delivery was the cherry on top 😉 !

- Grâce.

I'm in love with the sequined skirt I bought here ! Not only because it's beautiful, but it also arrived much sooner than I expected 😇😋

- Tess.

Shine forever in the gleam of the stars

The beauty of glittering creations shines through you

A wardrobe free of excess clothing, shimmering throughout the night and among the stars, emanating an ethereal and enduring allure that remains contemporary.

Pearls and diamonds are worn casually, reflecting a more extravagant style than ever.

The portrait of an avant-garde woman, a pioneer whose lifestyle is shaped by the values of our vision.

Welcome to our place, where you will forever remain an inspiration to all women.


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